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Embark on a Gaming Journey with Ameba Entertainment: 777Pub Online Casino – Discover Unparalleled Thrill and New Slots Galore!

In e-gambling, quality software providers are vital for maintaining player interest and satisfaction, continuously innovating with robust technology and captivating games. One such game provider that has stirred up the industry since entering it in 2018 is Ameba Entertainment (A.E). With unparalleled creativity and a focus on generating top-quality slot games, A.E has carved out a distinct niche and set a benchmark.

Ameba Entertainment has partnered with the popular Casino Philippines gaming portfolio of slot games in the Philippines. This collaboration has thoroughly bolstered the famous Casino Philippines gaming portfolio, further solidifying A.E’s status as an industry pioneer in game development and cutting-edge marketing tools.

Ameba Entertainment


Renowned for its game variety, Ameba Entertainment has upped the ante by introducing brand-new slot games at the 777Pub Casino. Now, all the gambling gurus can enjoy the thrill and excitement of these innovative slots. Each slot promises unique game stages and exceptional graphics, among other features.

  • Cai Shen: This exciting slot game transports players to a mystical world with Chinese deities and countless riches. Players can anticipate big wins and a rewarding gaming experience as they interact with the god of wealth.
  • Ez Fa 2: Taking the success of its predecessor, Ez Fa, to an entirely new level, this game is a delightful blend of lucky numbers and fortune symbols. Thanks to its unparalleled math models and betting options.  The game offers numerous opportunities. to win.
  • Muay Thai: A slot game centered on Thailand’s cultural martial arts, Muay Thai captivates players with its intense graphics and thrilling bonus rounds. Here, the players’ fighting spirit rewards them more wins than losses.
  • Thai Paradise: This easy-to-play slot game takes players on a lush tropical journey, offering an unforgettable casino experience with stunning visuals and immersive sound effects.
  • Highway Kings Pro: This trucker-themed slot game brings the thrill of highway trucking to your screen. The game allows you to become the king of the road, with massive wins on the horizon.

A Cutting-Edge Marketing Tool

Ameba Entertainment goes beyond being a regular software provider. Its marketing tool leverages cutting-edge technology that gives it a competitive edge. This tool analyses players’ gaming behaviors and targets them with personalized offers, bonuses, and rewards, enhancing their gaming experience. It also offers data-driven insights to enhance user satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Quality Gaming Experience

Thanks to its high-quality slot games, Ameba Entertainment has consistently stood out since working in 2018. With highly intricate themes, superior audio-visual effects, and innovative game characterization, it guarantees an immersive gaming experience for all players.

These games come with multiple pay lines, offering more opportunities to win and versatile betting options, giving novices and seasoned players something to enjoy. With Ameba’s quality slot games, players can expect an intense adrenaline rush every time they play.

Ensuring Fair Play

At the heart of Ameba Entertainment’s operations is a commitment to maintaining fair gameplay. We use only advanced math models to ensure that every gameplay outcome will be purely based on chance. Players can trust that when they spin at the 777 Pub E casino, their chances of winning are just as likely as losing. We are offering excitement and authenticity in the gaming experience.


The A.E’s partnership with the 777Pub Online Casino has marked a significant milestone in the e-gaming industry, enhancing the Philippines’ local gambling market. These new slot games, iconic in design and bold in gameplay, have expanded the game variety at the 777Pub Casino, giving players an unforgettable e-gambling experience. With Ameba Entertainment, players can look forward to a captivating journey through the dynamic world of e-gambling.

Ameba Entertainment is more than just a game provider; it’s an experience setting new standards in e-gaming. The future of digital casino gaming looks promising, with dynamic game providers like Ameba Entertainment leading the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1: What other games does Ameba Entertainment offer besides the new slot games?

Ameba Entertainment also provides Easy Fa, Funky Monkey Super, Lucky Dice, Rave Party, and Koi.

Q#2: Can we play Ameba Entertainment slots on my mobile phone?

Yes, You can play all these slots from any mobile device. 

Q#3: What are the other features of the new slot games offered by Ameba Entertainment?

Fairness, Back Office System, and Cutting Edge Technology are some other prominent features offered by Ameba Entertainment